Tafel-Piontelli model

“Beyond the data gathered from experience and laboratory investigations, the central thread of this approach has been the belief that the theory beneath the corrosion science as well as the corrosion engineering allows to gain models and tools for sound calculation and reliable predictions”

From: Engineering Tools for Corrosion. Design and Diagnosis, L. Lazzari

The research activity is based on the experimental validation of a recently proposed model for the calculation of the corrosion rate of metals in acid environment. The model is based on the theory of corrosion reactions kinetics, to which J. Tafel and R. Piontelli gave a strong contribution. Generally speaking, the model can be applied to any metal-acid coupling condition.
The research activity consists of different phases:

  • validation of the model through laboratory tests in different strong and weak acids
  • comparison with field data
  • application to the specific case of corrosion of carbon steel in sweet conditions, i.e., in presence of CO2, as in hydrocarbons transport pipelines

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