“Every corrosion process consists of four processes in series. They are produced at the same rate. In fact, the number of electrons released by the anodic reaction per unit time, that is, the current exchanged at the metal surface in the anodic sense, Ia, the number of electrons that are simultaneously consumed by the cathodic reaction, that is, the current exchanged in the cathodic sense, Ic, the current that flows inside the metal from the anodic region to the cathodic one, Im, and finally the current that flows in the electrolyte from the anodic area to the cathodic one, Iel, closing the circuit, must all have the same value”

Extracted from: Corrosione e protezione dei materiali, P. Pedeferri

The research activity of the PoliLaPP group is mainly focused in the field of corrosion and protection of metals in natural and industrial environments, with particular reference to the following areas:

  • Corrosion in soils
  • Corrosion in oil & gas industry
  • Corrosion in natural and industrial waters
  • Atmospheric corrosion
  • Corrosion in reinforced concrete

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