The research activity of PoliLaPP pertains to the corrosion of metallic materials and their protection, with particular attention to cathodic protection, a field where PoliLaPP has a recognized experience concerning both the electrochemical aspects and its technological and industrial development.
The main research activities are:

  • Cathodic protection: monitoring, measurement techniques, effect of direct and alternating current interference, finite elements modeling, chemical effects (visit page)
  • Atmospheric corrosion: evaluation of corrosion rate, production of a computer-based evaluation tool (visit page)
  • Acid corrosion: validation of a predictive model for the corrosion rate in acid environments (visit page)
  • Titanium electrochemical oxidation aimed at different scopes: from metal surface coloring to the production of photocatalytic ad self-cleaning surfaces, to the increase in corrosion resistance (visit page)
  • Hydrogen embrittlement in pipeline steels
  • Corrosion of reinforced concrete structures: use of ihibitors and external coatings (visit page)

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