Pedeferri Diagrams

“By imposing a cathodic polarization to the rebar from the beginning and throughout the entire service life of the structure the critical chloride content is increased with respect to non-polarized structures, so that in practice it will never be reached during the service life of the structures”

Extracted from: Cathodic protection and cathodic prevention, P. Pedeferri.
Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 10, No. 5, 1996

Starting from the consolidated knowledge on the cathodic prevention technique, ideated and set up by Pietro Pedeferri, the idea was developed to extend prevention diagrams also to stainless steels, which show a corrosion behavior similar to that of steel in concrete.

Ongoing research activities include:

  • Set up and definition of electrochemical techniques to determine Pedeferri Diagrams of stainless steels
  • Investigation on the effect of environmental, metallurgical and electrochemical parameters on the Pedeferri Diagrams of stainless steels

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