Localized corrosion

"The pitting attack is a consequence of the formation of a macrocouple, consisting of two distinct areas of the metal surface: the anodic area, where a cavity-shaped attack takes place, and the surrounding one, the cathodic area, where the reduction of oxygen or other oxidizing species present in the environment takes place"

Extracted from: Corrosione e protezione dei materiali, P. Pedeferri

The ongoing research activities are related to the validation of a probabilistic model, based on Markov chains, to predict the onset of pitting corrosion on stainless steels.

The research is aimed at getting a more detailed insight of the phenomenon of clorides-induced corrosion onset, with particular attention to the development of a probabilistic model that allows to calculate the probability of corrosion onset as a function of the environmental parameters (chlorides concentration, pH, temperature, presence of oxygen and bacteria) and of the steel parameters (chemical composition, metallurgical structure, presence of inclusions).

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